Choosing the Right Wine Decanter For Your Needs

28 Mar

Choosing the Right Wine Decanter For Your Needs

Using a decanter is a great idea for any wine lover. Decanting not only helps to boost the taste of different wines but also bring out their beautiful aromas. Most restaurants in Ottawa use decanters to enhance the flavor and aroma of their red wine. First things first, you need to find a good decanter. We’ll go over a few things to consider when choosing a decanter that is best for your needs.

What Type of Wine Needs Decanting?

It is very important to understand the decanting needs of different types of wine. When you visit a French Restaurant Ottawa, you’ll find different types of decanters. For instance, a full-bodied red wine will need a decanter that has a wide base simply because it takes a bit longer to decant so the wider base increases the amount of oxygen it is exposed to making it decant faster. A medium-bodied red wine will require a medium-sized decanter whereas the whites and rose wines don’t really need decanting but you can always use a small chilled decanter.

When choosing a decanter, make sure you opt for a style you love. Think about how easy it is to fill, pour and clean the decanter when choosing a style. There’s no reason to go for a decanter that looks pretty but is just so hard to use.

What Type of Glass is Used to Make the Decanter?

Decanters can be made from standard glass or crystal. Most large and artistic wine decanters are made using crystal. This is because the material is more durable so using it to make a decanter that has a complex shape and thin wall is a guarantee it’s going to last.

Glass is often used to make the simple decanters with thick walls and less fancy shapes. If you come across a decanter that is made of standard glass and has a fancy shape and thin wall, be wary. It could easily break. Think about how you intend to clean the decanter as well. If you are planning on cleaning it in the dishwasher, decanters made from standard glass are a better choice.

Clean and Maintain Your Decanter

Wine decanters usually collect deposits overtime no matter how often you pour water through them. One mistake that most people do is to put vinegar in the decanter. This is not recommended especially for the crystal decanters. You can use a scrubby sponge to clean the decanter. Just push it down the neck and around the bottom with a wooden spoon to cover all the corners.

The other option is to invest in a decanter cleaning brush. This is very important if you have a decanter with a fancy shape making it impossible to reach all areas when cleaning. There are also decanter cleaning beads which are used in most restaurants Ottawa. They do a good job at cleaning those hard to reach places. You can dry the decanter by simply lying it upside down in a bowl. The other option would be to invest in a decanter dryer.

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