How to Choose the Right Cheese

28 Mar

How to Choose the Right Cheese

If you are planning to incorporate cheese in your picnic menu, it’s worth considering how much you need to take, where to store it and the drinks that work best with each type of cheese. Visit any French restaurant Ottawa and you’ll find cheese platters creatively prepared by choosing the best products. Finding good cheese is just as important as knowing how to work with it. Below are a few tips that should come in handy:

Keep the Cheese Cool

When going for a picnic, you need to find ways to keep the cheese cool. You can do this by keeping the cheese inside a cool bag or opt for hard cheese like Cheddar because it tends to maintain its structure better during the hot weather. If you go for a soft cheese like camembert, don’t be surprised if it starts to run when exposed to the warm weather. Make sure you put it in a cool box and remove 10 minute before you need to use it. Try not to go for the blue cheeses for picnics since they tend to run, become soggy and are a mess to handle. You can add the blue cheese to your salad or sandwich rather than carrying it on its own.

Determine the Quantity of Cheese You Need

Think of all the other foods that you will be carrying to the picnic. You probably don’t want to carry lots of stuff and then end up carrying leftovers back home. The rule of thumb is to estimate about 75grams of cheese per person. Make sure you have plenty for everyone and not in excess.

Using Cheese for Sandwiches

Sandwiches are great for picnics because they are so easy to prepare and don’t require the use of plates and cutlery to enjoy. When using cheese in your sandwiches, consider those that work best for the type of fillings you’ll have. For instance, most restaurants Ottawa use cheddar cheese with ham and pickle. If you’ll be using roast beef in your sandwiches, opt for blue cheese. Sandwiches that are made with salami and cornichons work well with Alpine cheeses. If you’ll be using roasted red peppers or chilli jam in your sandwich, opt for the goats cheeses or chorizo. Look for different sandwich recipes that you can try out with different types of cheese.

Cheese as an Ingredient

Most cheese dishes are meant to be enjoyed at lukewarm temperature which makes them perfect for picnics. Some popular cheese dishes include tomato and mozzarella salad, Greek salad, feta-stuffed peppers and definitely, sandwiches.

Choosing Best Cheese for Each Type of Drink

If you are planning on going for picnic with a special someone, the cheese you choose should go well with the drink you will be having. No cheese is a perfect fit for every drink but restaurants in Ottawa recommend dense cheeses such as Comte because they sit well with a wide variety of drinks.

How to Serve Cheese Dishes

Bringing plates to the picnic is unnecessarily cumbersome. Instead, opt for a small cutting board and a sharp knife. The board can also serve as a serving platter.

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