Learning the Basics of Cheese

28 Mar

Learning the Basics of Cheese

If you are a fun of cheese, this post will help you pick the best whether you are shopping at your local supermarket or a specialty store. Most restaurants in Ottawa use good cheese to add unique flavor and aroma to different dishes. Let’s take a look at how to choose good cheese including the type of wine that best accompanies each type of cheese.

Supermarket and Delis

There are two common places to shop around for cheese – supermarkets and delicatessens. Your local French restaurant Ottawa will get cheese from a deli instead of the supermarket. At the local supermarket, you are likely to come across the pre-packaged cheese. Delis on the other hand, will cut the cheese fresh from a block or wheel. The only major drawback to buying cheese from the supermarket is that the packaging can make it so hard for consumers to judge its quality and ripeness. So you end up buying cheese when you are not really sure what you’ll be getting.

Good thing with buying from the deli is that you can actually see the ripeness and quality of what you are about to buy. You can even be allowed to try out the cheese before purchase. If you choose to go the deli way, make sure you find a specialty cheese shop that has lots of clientele. This will ensure you don’t end up with cheese that has been sitting around for too long. Remember that after cheese is cut from the wheel, it tends to deteriorate very fast.

White Mould Cheese

The most common white mould cheeses are brie and camembert. You can opt for double or triple cream versions of these cheeses for a creamier texture. But take note that they have a higher fat content compared to the single cream equivalents. If you are getting the white mould cheeses at the deli or cheese shop, instead of the supermarket, you can easily tell how it looks and smells. Look out for the following when buying white mould cheese:

  • Look for a velvety white rind and a creamy and glossy interior with no dry edges
  • Avoid cheese that has the smell of ammonia
  • Avoid cheese that has surface mould with signs of breaking down
  • Make sure the center of the cheese oozes out or bulges when cut
  • Make sure the cheese has a mushroomy, earthy aroma
  • Avoid a mould cheese with a chalky center. This is usually a sign that the cheese is unripe.

If you are buying cheese from the supermarket, opt for the one that is as close to the best-before date as possible for a fuller and richer flavor. Avoid mould cheese that is rock hard. Always try and squeeze it gently to make sure it has some elasticity before you buy. Most restaurants Ottawa will serve mould cheese with dry wine.

When buying cheddar cheese, make sure it’s not dry and there are no cracks on its surface. The best cheddar cheese has a lingering taste and comes in different flavors such as mild, tasty and vintage.

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