The Right Way to Sauce Pasta

28 Mar

The Right Way to Sauce Pasta

There’s really nothing complex about cooking pasta. But coming up with a delicious pasta meal is something that’s going to take some skill and expertise. You’ve eaten pasta at several restaurants Ottawa but have you ever thought of what it takes to come up with a delicious sauce? One thing you really have to get right is how to properly sauce the pasta. You want to end up with a nice plate of evenly-sauced pasta to serve your guests or family for dinner. It’s actually not that hard to accomplish.

One sign of poorly sauced pasta is the appearance of red water at the bottom of the plate when you serve the pasta. Sometimes the sauce will appear cold and sticky on one end with the hot sauce only present at the top. This is an embarrassing plate of pasta that you’ll never come across in a French restaurant Ottawa. We’ll show you how.

Step 1: Remove the pasta from hot water

When removing pasta out of the hot water, don’t drain away all the water and put it there for a while as you prepare the sauce. This is one common mistake that many people make and end up having dry pasta with sauce that is not evenly spread.

Step 2: Add the pasta to the sauce

Make sure you remove pasta from the hot water and immediately add it to the sauce. You can add the pasta (while hot and starchy) to the sauce.  Leave it to cook for about a minute so that it gets really hot and nicely blended in the sauce.

Step 3: Add pasta water

Add some bit of water that remained from cooking the pasta into the sauce. This water helps to make sure the sauce sticks perfectly to the pasta. But make sure you don’t overdo it. Putting too much water will create a disaster.

Step 4: Turn off the heat

Next, turn off the heat. You can then add your butter, herbs, oil or any other ingredient that adds taste and extra flavor to the pasta before serving it.

Ingredients That Can Make Pasta Sauce More Delicious

Butter: Adding a pat of butter to pasta always gives it an instant boost of flavor.

Red or white wine: Good thing with adding wine to pasta is that it adds acidity. It’s also an additional flavor that can transform any simple pasta sauce.

Fresh basil: Sprinkle some basil ribbons on your bowl of pasta to give it a really nice aroma and extra flavor.

Fresh cheese: Simple cream cheese can make your pasta sauce pop. It can be the perfect complement to tomatoes. Cheese works really well when you add some greens too.

Extra virgin olive oil: This ingredient is perfect for pasta not only due to its amazing health benefits but also because of the extra flavor it adds. You can opt for the flavored oils that are available in the local stores too.

Hard cheese: This is one ingredient commonly used in restaurants in Ottawa. Grate some Parmesan or any other hard cheese and sprinkle it on your pasta sauce to add a deep savory taste to the sauce.

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