A Fresh Take on Food Trends From Paris

28 Mar

A Fresh Take on Food Trends From Paris

Paris is well known for its art, fashion and amazing cuisines. The elegant and posh city is home to numerous art galleries, trade shows and fashion shows that bring together visitors from all around the world. Other than these, the best food shows are organized in Paris. Let’s take a look at some common food trends from Paris.

Innovative Food Products

There has been a rise in innovative food products such as the red pepper lollipop, macaroon foie fras and organic red wine chilli. Cuisines such as red pepper lollipops can be found in a French restaurant Ottawa. Most of these cuisines use traditional French ingredients like crème fraiche and fresh herbs to bring out the unique texture and flavor. You can find multiple recipes that have been given a twist for the macaroon foie fras. The trick is to identify suitable ingredients or acceptable substitutes in order to prepare the meals. Organic red wine chilli has been accepted worldwide not only due to its unique flavor but also because it is very good for the skin. Organic red wine chilli is usually used on barbeque and steak sauces. It’s delicious and high in antioxidants.

French-Style Fast Food

Paris is most famous for its exotic dishes but many people are huge fans of American fast foods. You can tell by the number of fast food restaurants that are coming up in Paris. The usual dishes that are served in American fast food restaurants such as hot dogs, hamburgers and French fries are given a unique twist and extra boost of flavor. You are likely to come across these different types of fast foods in restaurants in Ottawa.

Street Food

Food trucks are becoming a growing business in Paris. Most people will opt for the best burgers in town from the streets. Food trucks normally serve dishes such as tacos, burritos, burgers and pancakes. The most common street food in France is sandwich. Most food trucks will offer baguette bread sandwiches that are prepared using different types of fillings. Most commonly used fillers are ham, cheese and butter. “Jambon/beurre” and “jamon/fromage” are the common fillings as referred by locals in Paris. This trend in street food has been adopted in other parts of the world like here in Ottawa.

New Style Hotel Bar

The hotel scene is not left behind when it comes to food trends in Paris. Hotels in France started to offer sandwiches and snacks for take-away. This is a trend that has been adapted by the rest of the world where you’ll find hotels serving less high-end cuisines and opting for the quick and easy to prepare takeaway foods.

Paris plays a very important role in the food and hospitality trends that are adapted by the rest of the world. As more people are looking for healthier and more sustainable food products, trends in the culinary sector will continue to improve. High end hotels and restaurants Ottawa are also not left behind when it comes to these popular food trends.


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